Monday, October 20, 2008

Our September was so full of fun that I haven't had time to write about it until now. We have been enjoying very nice (i.e. hot) weather down here in San Diego and we have taken advantage of it by being outside as much as possible with the kiddos. Here you can see Devon is riding a bike along the bay while Mom and Dad hike and Nathan naps...what a life.

Here is Eddie with his mini-me and the two buddies catching yet another nap. Two things the Castillo boys are pretty good at...eating and napping.

We have also been hanging out at the wild animal park with our friends, Jim and Lisa and their son, about Gerber baby!

And finally, September wouldn't be September without school pictures. Devon obviously loves the camera and is quite photogenic (though I am pretty biased). However, Nathan is not too fond of the camera or the photographer. Yes, what kind of Korean mom am I? I sent my kid out in the Autumn air with shorts and no shoes! In my defense, I was in Chicago on a business trip on the picture day so the outfits and the accessories (or lack thereof) are not to be blamed on me.

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